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Community Resources

At Valley Family we strive to help our patients access services that will help them reach their health goals. Sometimes to reach those health goals patients need to access services nonmedical services. Community Health Workers are available to help patients access nonmedical services such as:

Community Health Workers

Valley Family Health Care offers services with a Community Health Worker at each of our sites.  A Community Health Worker is a trusted member of the care team and serves as a link between health, social, and community resources for patients. Community Health Workers provide assistance with insurance enrollment, connecting patients to resources in the community, and work with patients to achieve goals for better health. Services are available by appointment, phone-call, and many times, same-day walk-in services are available.

If you would like to know more about our Outreach and Community Health Services please contact any of our clinics.

Contact Us

  • Women’s – Brenda Estrada, C-CHW, 541-881-2854

  • Pediatrics – Janette Castillo, C-CHW, 541-881-2855

  • Nyssa/Vale – Janine Castro, C-CHW, 541-881-2858

  • Payette/New Plymouth – Gaby Lopez, CHW, 208-812-1741

  • Emmett – Karla Ayala, C-CHW, 208-812-1708

  • Ontario – Oceana Gonzales, C-CHW, 541-881-2859

  • Outreach – Sidney Fenton, C-CHW, 541-881-2848