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Doctor and Patient

New Patients

We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with one of our providers to ensure you have enough time scheduled for your visit, based on your medical need. We will make every effort to see you promptly.

Cancellation of Appointments
If you cannot keep an appointment please give us as much advanced notice as possible. This will allow someone else to be seen at that time. You may call 24 hours a day to leave a message about your appointment.

Arriving on Time for Appointments
It would be helpful to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary forms. Also, please be prepared to present your current insurance card(s) or proof of household income for our sliding fee scale.

Write Down Your Questions
The time you will spend with your healthcare provider is an opportunity to discuss your health and concerns. We encourage you to organize your questions and tell your provider about your concerns at the beginning of the appointment. To ensure we assess your needs thoroughly and deliver quality care, some concerns may need to be addressed at another appointment. If this is the case, your provider will ask you to return to the clinic at a later date. We believe all your questions are important and will work with you to get you the necessary answers.


Immunization Records

If you are bringing your child in, please bring a copy of their immunization record so that we may provide you with the most up to date information about immunizations.


You can help your provider by knowing the names of your medications. If you are on several medications, bringing a list or the bottles to every visit is a good idea. It is very important that we be aware of all prescribed and over the counter medications that you are taking so we can best manage your health. 


Patients are our priority. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Nothing is more important to us than keeping you happy and healthy. Our team is dedicated to offering you quality and affordable health care.


2024 Sliding Fee Scale Specifics

Sliding Scale

Valley Family Health Care offers discounted services based on a Sliding Fee Scale. The Sliding Fee Scale is determined by calculating the family’s gross monthly income and the number of people supported in the household.


In order to qualify for the sliding fee, the patient must provide proof of income. Proof of income can be one of the following: Pay stub, Bank statement (showing deposits), Unemployment/Employment verification statement from the state Employment office, last year’s taxes, social security or disability printout from Medicare, or letters from the patient’s employer.  

Valley Family Health Care does not keep this sensitive financial information. 

We simply view it, and hand it right back to the patient.  

Insurance patients that qualify for the sliding fee may receive the discount. First, the patient’s insurance plans are billed. Based on the amount of the insurance payment, deductible, pre-existing conditions, covered services, etc… the patient may get a sliding fee adjustment.  

Minimum Charge Amount

The minimum charges are as follows:

  • Medical visits: $20.00

  • Mental Health visits: $20.00

  • Lab testing (in-house): $10.00 each

  • Procedures: Nominal Fee

  • Dental Services: Nominal Fee

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