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Well Child Check-ups & Adolescent Visits

Well-child and Adolescent check-ups help you keep track of your child’s overall health. These visits can include an evaluation of your child’s medical, developmental, and social health to determine if they have any health concerns or how to prevent them. This is an opportunity to learn about the best ways to help your child.


School Physicals

Your child’s school may require a physical exam simply to get an overall picture of your child’s health, major health issues, or special needs. Most schools also require a physical report if your child wants to participate in sports. During a physical, the doctor will record your child’s weight, height, and vitals, and may also do hearing and vision tests, posture and strength evaluations, and examine the heart, lungs, and other major areas of the body.



Immunizations are a way to protect your child against many diseases, such as measles, mumps, hepatitis, and the flu. The recommended immunization schedule starts at birth with various vaccinations recommended at different points in your child’s life up to 18 years old.

Ages & Stages Development Screenings

Development screening is the process in which a doctor will evaluate the physical and behavioral progress of a child and determine if they are at risk of developmental delays. Screenings are not meant to provide a diagnosis but will help the doctor decide if the child requires further in-depth assessment.

Kids Doctor Checkup
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