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Board of Directors

Vicki Crank

Vicki Crank

Board Member

Vicki Crank, a retired Teacher’s Aide, and Dairy Farmer joined Valley Family Health Care’s Board of Directors in 2022. Vicki has utilized Valley Family’s services for nearly ten years. 

Her work as a Teacher’s Aide was finalized after 24 years with the Gem County School District. Her area of expertise covered working with children in kindergarten, special education, and speech. 

Her favorite part of being a Dairy Farmer on her family’s farm was caring for the cows, and baby calves. She also kept records for the farm. 

Her volunteer activities include the Meals on Wheels program at the New Plymouth Senior Center and Co-President and Communications Secretary for the Squaw Butte Retired Educators.

She brings a willingness to learn, a pleasant, positive attitude, and excellent listening and communication skills to the Board of Directors.  

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