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Doctor and Patient

Board of Directors

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez

Board Member

Carlos Hernandez, a retired Industrial Mechanic/Welder of Amalgamated Sugar Factory spent 32 years there before they shut down. Prior to that, he spent five years as a Maintenance Personnel at the Housing Authority of Malheur County. Although retired, he continues to work to remain active and maintain community involvement as Maintenance Personnel at Malheur Council & Aging. In 1992, Carlos joined Valley Family Health Care’s Board of Directors and also became our patient.

Growing up, Carlos was a farmworker and wildland firefighter. His experience as a farmworker provides a broader perspective on services needed for this specific population. He has lived in small, rural communities such as Adrian and Nyssa, Oregon. Even owning an upholstery shop for twenty years in Nyssa.

Carlos joined Valley Family Health Care’s Board of Directors in 1992 and also became our patient, for 30 years now. He likes Valley Family and thinks the people are nice.

Carlos has served as Treasurer for five years for a local bowling league.

He likes to help out whenever he can and enjoys helping other members of his community. 

Another way that Carlos stays active is by enjoying his hobbies which include golfing, fishing, and hunting for wild game. He has two children in Bakersfield, one in Boise and one in Meridian, Idaho. 

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